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Job Date Workplace
Creative designer 2020-11-18 Chong qing

1. Mainly responsible for the company's business development and completing the company's business indicators.

2. Be responsible for the implementation of offline activities to ensure the quality of activities.

3. Be responsible for regularly combing the market situation, studying the marketing strategy and putting forward optimization suggestions.

4. Develop high quality customer resources provided by the company.

5. Assist other departments to carry out regular maintenance for customers and maintain long-term cooperative relationship with customers.


1. College degree or above, major in fine arts, good hand drawing ability

2. Healthy, energetic and able to work under pressure;

3. Have original opinions and Analysis on furniture design, good at communication, strong expression ability and executive ability

4. More than 2 years of design experience in furniture industry, understand all kinds of furniture styles, have keen market insight and ability to catch fashion trends