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Company profile

    Chongqing Yusi medical technology cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of high-end R & D reagent products. Our company focuses on the production and sales of carrier materials such as functional polyethylene glycol, functional phospholipid, biodegradable polymer and so on.ff96536774eac7fa587e552d4750a7f


    We are committed to achieve import substitution, make scientific research more convenient and safer, and become a first-class high-quality reagent brand.

    Our company has been adhering to the professional and innovative service mode, from R & D, process, standard, reagent and preparation, and then to the market, which makes the company's products have obvious price advantages compared with similar products on the market. Our R & D team, led by a professional doctor team, has introduced advanced instruments and equipment such as multi angle particle size analyzer, infrared spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, rotary evaporator, etc., and innovated the R & D mechanism with the construction of quality assurance system as the starting point, providing effective assistance for the reagent industry of China's innovation driven development strategy. In the future, the company plans to establish a comprehensive large-scale production base, create more new technologies and new products with a professional and innovative team, and provide rich and complete outsourcing customized services.

    The company carries out the development of original, leading and high-end scientific research reagents, and constantly improves the quality system and safety system of scientific research reagents. Strive to become a professional platform for the transformation of domestic R & D achievements, realize the effective connection of production, learning, research and application, develop into a high-quality reagent brand independently developed and produced in China, and meet the reagent demand of domestic and even international universities, scientific research institutes and R & D enterprises.

  • Technicality

    All core members have doctorates in his field

  • Powerfully research and development team

    Mature scientific research technology, short lead time

  • Advanced apparatuses

    It can meet various test requirements

  • One stop service

    Provide professional technical after-sales service


1. Based on the integration of independent R & D, production and sales, our products have obvious price advantages compared with similar products on the market;

2. After purchasing the corresponding products, we can provide professional technical guidance.