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Bisubstituted polyethylene glycol with the same functional group
Brand YUSI
English name NH2-PEG-NH2
Chinese alias NH2-PEG-NH2
Technical index ≥95%
CAS 479200-82-3 Product number YS-P3320
Molecular formula NA Molecular weight 2000、3400、5000,Customizable
Product number Specifications Price Stock
YS-P33201 1g ¥560 500
YS-P33205 5g ¥2800 500
  • Product number:
    • YS-P33201
    • YS-P33205
  • Quantity:
  • Unit Price:

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  • Product information

Product name:


Saze :

1g(Specifications can be customized)

Product details:

Properties: Based on different molecular weights, it is white / almost white solid or viscous liquid.

Solvent: water, chloroform, DMSO, dichloromethane and other conventional organic solvents.

Solubility Description: 10mg / ml in DMSO, soluble in water, not easily soluble in paraffin oil, with small solubility.

Stability: cold storage, avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

Linear formula: h2nch2ch2 (CH2CH2O) nch2ch2nh2.

Molecular weight (PEG): 2000, 3400, 5000, other molecular weights can be customized.

Reaction group: NH2

L reactiveto: COOH, NHS.

In order to ensure the stability of the product, please note that the package can only be opened for use after constant temperature drying!


Nh2-peg-nh2 is a kind of bifunctional polyethylene glycol derivative which contains two primary amine groups in each PEG molecule. Amines react easily with succinimide NHS esters, carboxylic acids, aldehydes and many other amine reactive functional groups in aqueous buffer or organic solvents. Due to its good reactivity, PEG diamine is a useful peg reagent, which can modify proteins, peptides, granules and many other materials. Our diamino PEG derivatives have high purity, narrow molecular weight distribution and a variety of different sizes. These amino peg are easily soluble in water, and all peg reactions can be carried out in aqueous buffer.

Handlingand Use:

Attention NH2-PEG-NH2 should be paid to temperature difference and air humidity to prevent moisture absorption. In the reaction as far as possible in the inert gas protection.

Storage condition:

NH2-PEG-NH2 should be stored at -20℃. Desiccate.  Materials may be handled under inert gas for best stability. Re-test material after 12 months.

Note: The products sold by our company are only used for scientific research, not for human experiments or human treatment.

Based on the business model of independent research and development, production and sales integration, the company's products have obvious price advantages compared with similar products on the market. In addition, we also provide professional product customization services.

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