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Polysaccharide derivatives
Brand YUSI
English name Dextran-COOH
Chinese alias Dextran-COOH
Technical index 95%
CAS NA Product number YS-DE620
Molecular formula NA Molecular weight
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Product name:

Dextran-COOH, Dextran-COOH

Molecular weight

3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 9000, 10000, 20000, 40000, 70000

The substitution degree of amino group is 20%. For example, the dextran with molecular weight of 20000 is used to modify it. The degree of substitution is 20%, that is, 1 mol of dextran contains 117 glucose units, among which 23 glucose units are aminated.

Properties: White / off white solid powder or flocculent solid based on different molecular weights.

Stability: keep sealed and dry and refrigerated to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

Solvent: DMSO and other conventional organic solvents.

Dextran dextran (dextran dextran) is a kind of high polymer with branched chain glucose. It is non charged, electrically neutral and easily soluble in water. Dextran has good biocompatibility with PEG and low toxicity. It is suitable for animals. Dextran is also a biodegradable high molecular polymer, which can be degraded into low molecular sugar.

The dextran of Yuyu pharmaceutical can connect different activating groups such as NH2 / mal / COOH, and can also provide some fluorescently labeled dextran such as FITC / rhodamine.

In order to ensure the stability of the product, please note that the package can only be opened for use after constant temperature drying!

Note: products with different carboxyl substitution degree can be customized and synthesized according to customer needs!

Note: The products sold by our company are only used for scientific research, not for human experiments or human treatment.

Based on the business model of independent research and development, production and sales integration, the company's products have obvious price advantages compared with similar products on the market. In addition, we also provide professional product customization services.

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