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PLA PEG functional multi block polymer
Brand YUSI
English name PLA-PEG-NHS
Chinese alias PLA-PEG-NHS
Technical index 95%
CAS NA Product number YS-PLA120
Molecular formula Molecular weight
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Product name


Product packaging

1g (can be customized according to requirements)

Product details

Appearance: semisolid or solid, depending on molecular weight.

Active group: NHS

Main uses: it can be used as drug loaded microspheres, microcapsules, vesicles and micelles, which can be used to realize drug sustained-release and controlled-release, and can also be used as hydrophilic agent

Molecular weight (PEG): 2000、3400、5000, other molecular weights can be customized.

Product description:

Precautions: avoid frequent thawing, prepare and use now, keep dry and avoid light

Nhs-peg-pla polyethylene glycol polycaprolactone can be used to prepare drug loaded microspheres, microcapsules, vesicles and micelles, which can be used to achieve drug sustained-release and controlled-release. It can also be used as a tissue engineering scaffold with good hydrophilicity. The active ester can form stable amide bond with primary amine.

1. The molecular weight of polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polylactic acid (PLA) segments can be synthesized according to customer requirements;

2. NHS group can be used for coupling synthesis of some specific small molecule compounds;

3. The polymers are soluble in chloroform, dichloromethane, acetone, DMF, DMSO and other organic solvents;

4. These polymers are generally used for the preparation of polymer micelles and nanoparticles;

5. We can provide technical support according to customer requirements.

Note: the products sold by our company are only used for scientific research, not for human experiments or human treatment.

Based on the business model of independent research and development, production and sales integration, the company's products have obvious price advantages compared with similar products on the market. In addition, we also provide professional product customization services.

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