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Brand YUSI
English name PLGA
Chinese alias PLGA
Technical index ≥95%
CAS 26780-50-7 Product number YS-J20
Molecular formula NA Molecular weight Customized between 5000-30000
Product number Specifications Price Stock
YS-J201 1g ¥300 500
YS-J205 5g ¥1500 500
  • Product number:
    • YS-J201
    • YS-J205
  • Quantity:
  • Unit Price:

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  • Product information

Product name


Product packaging

1g (specification can be customized according to requirements)

Product details

Appearance: white powder

Classification: biodegradable polymer

Specification: 50 / 50; 75 / 25

Molecular weight (PLGA): Customized between 5000-30000

Cas no:26780-50-7

Product description:

PLGA is a random copolymer, amorphous polymer, widely used in surgical suture, anti adhesion membrane, tissue engineering scaffold. Poly (lactic acid glycolic acid), PLGA is a kind of important biomedical polymer materials, which is polymerized by lactic acid and glycolic acid. It has the advantages of polylactic acid (PLA) and polyglycolic acid (PGA). It has good biocompatibility and biodegradability, and is widely used in biomedical fields, such as surgical suture, fracture internal fixation materials, and so on Tissue repair materials and drug controlled release system.

Compared with PLA, the degradation time can be controlled according to the content of GA, and the material is soft and elastic. Different types of PLGA can be prepared with different monomer ratio. For example, PLGA 75:25 means that the polymer is composed of 75% lactic acid and 25% glycolic acid. The degradation degree of PLGA varies with the monomer ratio, and the higher the ratio of glycolide, the easier the degradation. White powder dissolves quickly.

Note: the products sold by our company are only used for scientific research, not for human experiments or human treatment.

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